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Read more Generate Triangle with pure CSS

Share an excellent site that teach you how to create an triangle element with pure CSS only.


Read more HoverIntent - an extends for jQuery hover

jQuery hoverIntent is a plugin used to delay the trigger of mouseover and mouse out of hover function. This helps us to prevent user trigger many times of event when move over a layer.

default hover:

$("#layer").hover(function() {
    //mouserover event
},function() {
    //mouserout event


	interval: 500,
	over: function(){
		//mouserover event
	timeout: 500,
	out: function(){
		//mouserout event

Read more CSS3 flip page effect

I have seem a flip page effect in the dashboard of Joomla some month before, I was surprised on such effect, it was amazing and wonderful. In the first time I considered this was made by Javascript, but no idea on how to do this. My colleage using half day to investigate but still not success to get the result.

Today, when I am daydreaming, suddenly thing about this effect and consider it with CSS3, it should be made by CSS3 transition animation. I immediately try to do this and finally I get the following result ( Please use firefox or chrome )



The css code is as following:


Read more Rewrite a subdomain to a sub directory

Share a rewrite format that you can rewrite a sub domain to a sub directory ( not redirect ):

For example:
You will see the content of /hello
Which the url keep showing as http://hello.cambyliverson.com
Below is the code

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST}   ^[www\\.]*sub-domain-name.domain-name.com [NC]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/sub-domain-directory/.*
RewriteRule   ^(.*)  /sub-domain-directory/$1  [L]

Read more Easing on CSS3 animation

Today found the excellent of CSS3 animation that it support easing on the animate duration.

The provided default easing cover many common conditions we are using
(Use firefox or Chrome to view the effect):

default »
linear »
ease-in »
ease-out »
ease-in-out »
cubic-bezier »
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