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Read more Enabling notification for comments on every post

Enabling this lets you know whenever someone comments on your blog. You get a regular notification on Facebook and you can visit your blog to reply the comment.

– Visit this URL: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/comments/?id=YOUR_APP_ID

– Be sure to replace YOUR_APP_ID with your real application ID

– On the page that opens, click on settings and add yourself or other friends as moderator

# If you want to add someone not your friend in facebook, add them as some role in the app role setting first by their username or fb id.

Detail at http://geek.ng/2012/08/new-facebook-comment-box-for-blogger-with-notifications-enabled-2.html


Read more Google Oauth 2.0 ask permission every time

I have made a application using google account for login. Reference to google's example, it's easy make the login work well. However, I'm face to a serious problem that google ask for permission approval every time. For a openid login, like facebook, we will ask permission in the first time only and for the next time, it should automatically complete the login and no need to approve by user again. For this purpose, I search from the internet and finally found the solution as following:

To make the application just ask permission for once, add the following line in the config


Read more Unlimited email address with one gmail account

A secret of gmail --- evolve one gmail account to unlimited (a huge number but actually it is limited) email address

1) For example: if your gmail account is "mygmailacc@gmail.com"

2) Than you send an email to either one of the following email address:

Your account mygmailacc@gmail.com will also receive this email.

Its to tell you that google ignore "." and the capitalization of the email address, so you can add "." to anywhere of the account and change any word to capital case, you will still receive the email. This let you make many different email address and the limited number is depending on your account name's length.

Read more Google Trends

Today find an interesting thing from google service.


Google trends is a service that tell you the search trends of some keywords you inputed, I find that it is useful on SEO that you can use it to analysis which keyword has better search trends.


Read more Embed pdf in a website

Today find an easy way to embed an pdf file in a website, the service provided by google docs.

By use of iframe and just replace the url of your pdf file to the following


You can also go to https://docs.google.com/viewer to do so