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Today learn a new function  --- window.parent.

Although iframe is less useful nowadays, we still on some situation, such as ajax upload. Using window.parent, you can call a function on the main frame from the iframe, this to make interaction of the parent window and the iframe window. You can try and find the use in the following example:


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Today's dessert


Read more Be Careful on using $.inArray

Today I'm find that the slide effect on my slide show plugin was fail to work. I used over half an hour to find the error reason and lastly found that was caused by $.inArray.

I check an variable using $.inArray() as shown below

if($.inArray('slide',['slide','e2','e3'])) {

Read more Welcome to my blog

I'am wonder my blog finally finished and ready to launch. As my bad design knowledge, the layout modified many times and finally I confirmed to use current design, hope that not bad to your mind!

I have not write blog long times since my Xanga was discarded. I'd like to share my mind and some working experience as I become a programmer now.

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