I'm a programmer working for a web design company from Hong Kong. I started my programming life since 2007 with the hot forum board --- Discuz!

During the first year, I tried to change some style and program and so learn much html and some simple PHP code. In the second year, I started to investigate something news to the system, and then developed some plugin for use.

After one and half years, I'm left my school and as I didn't studied any computer course, I can only found an office job in a logistic company. About 1 years later, I tried to use PHP to make a logistic system for use on my company. Unexpectedly, my boss very appreciated on my work, and ask me to make some more system.

As so, I worked to make logistic system and growth much on PHP coding and started to make the wonderful thing --- AJAX.

When I found that I had no more growth on working for these system and confirm that programming is the exact thing I want to do, I resigned from the company.

Go in to this company only seven months only, I learned much of jQuery and found that it is great on building a wonderful website. Now, I'm focusing on develop some jQuery plugin so as to grown up my knowledge and design mind.

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