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Read more git push failed to push some refs

If you found the following error on git push commit

 ! [remote rejected] master -> master (branch is currently checked out)
error: failed to push some refs to 'git@192.168.1.X:/var/git.server/.../web'

Edit .git/config, add the following code:

    denyCurrentBranch = ignore

Read more Extract tar.gz by cmd (prevent wrong decoding)

1. Use cd command to navigate to your file's path (replace {path} by your file's path)

cd C:\{path}

2. Use following command to extract

tar -xvf Phpfiles-org.tar --wildcards

The above will extract the full folder and files

To extract specific file(s), you can add the part or full path of the file(s) to the end of the command
For example, if you want to extract all .jpg file:

tar -xvf Phpfiles-org.tar --wildcards *.jpg

For example, if you want to extract all files under the folder "abc":

tar -xvf Phpfiles-org.tar --wildcards /files/abc/*

The above example assume "fiels" is the highest level and "abc" is under the folder "files".
You can put * anywhere to match the path. For example:
/files/a*bc/ will extract any folder match the name like abc, axbc, axxbc, axxxbc...